IWOM Analysis in data mining insight

**MCM 2020-Meritorious Winner** Given three products' data of reviews and ratings, we utilized **NLP**, **SVM**, **ARMA**, **Elastic Net Regression** and developed **influence factor model**, **TOPSIS model** to identify their key patterns and measures. Then, we provided appropriate online sales strategy and design features for the Marketing Director.

Analysis of Network Quality Data Based on Big Data and AI Technology

**Second Year - SRTP** By studying intellectual perception incentive mechanism and adopting USRP, we are able to collect data of network quality and then use the matrix filling recovery algorithm to construct network quality real-time visualization map,so that we could predict network quality and analyze network fault based on AI.

Crowdriving´╝ÜDetection of Safe Driving Via Crowd Sensing

**First Year - SRTP** By adopting crowdsourcing and crowd-sensing, we monitor the extreme driving behavior during the process of driving, trying to reduce the probability of traffic accidents.